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Weekend in Review

Teeth-gnashingly difficult week (apparently Mercury is in retrograde) and Monday features yet another accreditation meeting (aka interrogation) so this weekend was supposed to be about self-care and wound up being about anxiety instead. I’m exhausted from fighting my own mind. Here’s to giving no fucks in the coming week and hoping that cooler weather arrives asap.




  • Bat for Lashes
  • Coltrane


  • Graduation Day (The Testing)- Joelle Charbonneau
  • Dear Sugar - Cheryl Strayed
  • Dear Daughter - Elizabeth Little

Literally every guy I dated in college. Video games are fun but if you think I’m just going to be your cheerleader while you run around WOW for hours you’re very, very wrong. 


i really want a boy, but at the same time whenever one looks at me im just “honey you wanna get tazed?”

That awkward moment when you get excited because you think a fic is a Wings(TV)AU but it’s just an AU where the characters have wings. :( BRB going to work on the Avengers as the cast of Wings fic that the world so desperately needs…








Gangsta Avengers AU

Wherein the avengers are a secret vigilante group that eventually find each other and go after criminals the hard way.

Some body write this who isn’t me.

*casually slips these in*

Literally just happened:

"is that an Avengers gangster AUOHMYGOD *screech*"


Let me just add this….

I’ll just leave this here..

I’m so down for this!!

Can somebody do the thing where they write the thing and then tag me in the thing?