Here’s a thing I’ve had around in my head for a while!

Okay, so I’m pretty sure that by now everyone at least is aware of Steampunk, with it’s completely awesome Victorian sci-fi aesthetic. But what I want to see is Solarpunk – a plausible near-future sci-fi genre, which I like to imagine as based on updated Art Nouveau, Victorian, and Edwardian aesthetics, combined with a green and renewable energy movement to create a world in which children grow up being taught about building electronic tech as well as food gardening and other skills, and people have come back around to appreciating artisans and craftspeople, from stonemasons and smithies, to dress makers and jewelers, and everyone in between. A balance of sustainable energy-powered tech, environmental cities, and wicked cool aesthetics. 

A lot of people seem to share a vision of futuristic tech and architecture that looks a lot like an ipod – smooth and geometrical and white. Which imo is a little boring and sterile, which is why I picked out an Art Nouveau aesthetic for this.

With energy costs at a low, I like to imagine people being more inclined to focus their expendable income on the arts!

Aesthetically my vision of solarpunk is very similar to steampunk, but with electronic technology, and an Art Nouveau veneer.

So here are some buzz words~

Natural colors!
Art Nouveau!
Handcrafted wares!
Tailors and dressmakers!
Stained glass window solar panels!!!
Education in tech and food growing!
Less corporate capitalism, and more small businesses!
Solar rooftops and roadways!
Communal greenhouses on top of apartments!
Electric cars with old-fashioned looks!
No-cars-allowed walkways lined with independent shops!
Renewable energy-powered Art Nouveau-styled tech life!

Can you imagine how pretty it would be to have stained glass windows everywhere that are actually solar panels? The tech is already headed in that direction!  Or how about wide-brim hats, or parasols that are topped with discreet solar panel tech incorporated into the design, with ports you can stick your phone charger in to?

(((Character art by me; click the cityscape pieces to see artist names)))

i am so into this wow

sign me the fuck up

I want a solarpunk future. *_*


This is breathtaking.

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#lifegoals (from James Gurney’s Color and Light)

#lifegoals (from James Gurney’s Color and Light)

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Fact about me: on 9/11/01 I went on a date at this CPK. We talked about Dido (the singer not the queen)

Fact about me: on 9/11/01 I went on a date at this CPK. We talked about Dido (the singer not the queen)

Anonymous said: The kid in Ferguson robbed a store. The cop noticed he matched suspect description and confronted him. The kid rushed the cop, and the cop shot him- normal, procedural action. And not all of the protestors are peaceful. This isn't cops vs. the town. Yes, it's awful and yes there's alleged brutality, but the coverage on tumblr has been awful and biased




Legit the only reason people give a shit about ferguson is because a white cop shot a black kid. White cops can shoot white people and black cops can shoot black people, but the second a white shoots a black, it’s an uproar. THATS why racism remains an issue

This is it kids, the day has come. The day I meet the biggest idiot alive.

Have you been paying literally any attention? Like, not even to start with your horribly bigoted and anti black racist comments in these asks, but “the kid” who was extrajudicially executed by a police officer had a name. His name was Michael Brown, and the pig who killed him was Darren Wilson. 

Here’s a video account by Michael Brown’s friend, the young man who was walking with Michael when the execution happened.

His account stated that Michael was shot several times and that he got down on his knees and put his hands up when Wilson started pursuing him. Michael’s autopsies fit the account.

Several other eyewitness accounts say THE EXACT SAME THING.

Michael was 6’4” and the only possible way that he could have been shot in the top of his head and have the bullet exit out the back of his neck is if he were kneeling.

And whether or not Michael stole anything (which, I believe, was debunked, but I may be wrong), Darren Wilson did not know that Michael was supposedly tied to a robbery.

Not even to mention that petty theft is in no way punishable with unlawful execution.

Feguson, Missouri is in a police state. 75% of Ferguson is a black population and almost none of the police force has black officers. The police are terrorising Ferguson. They have removed their IDs and badges, which is LITERALLY illegal. They shot peaceful protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets, and wooden pellets. I don’t think I have any links for this one, but they’ve repeatedly, pointlessly, and unlawfully arrested reporters in the area. 

They’ve also threatened to shoot the Ferguson livestream operator. They have spent days trying to get the protesters to turn off their phones and stop uploading to media what they’re doing.

And you want to know the real reason people are making a big deal about, in your words, “a white shooting a black”? 

Because it happens all the fucking time.

I am a white person, so while it is not my place to stand up and talk about anti black racism, it’s pretty clear that you’re a goddamn idiot and you need to stay in your fucking lane.

Racism continues to be an issue because of bigoted dumbarses like you.

stay in your fucking lane

TW: racism

I’ve had more than one person tell me Brown charged Wilson (a literal, “Raging bull,” argument,) and that Wilson suffered an orbital fracture as a result (no, he didn’t, and the video of him standing over Mike Brown’s body proves that.) I won’t debate any alleged (and debunked) crimes you think Mike Brown committed because you heard it on Fox news. Because it doesn’t matter.

Here’s what matters:

Mike Brown was accosted by a police officer for walking while black.

Mike Brown was treated as a suspect for existing while black.

Darren Wilson shot Mike Brown. And when Mike Brown was in a position of submissive surrender, on the ground, Darren Brown shot him in the head one last time.

Darren Wilson did not call in to report the shooting. He did not call an ambulance. He refused to let a nurse on scene perform CPR. Darren Brown did NOTHING that he was required to do by law in performing his job as a law enforcement officer.

He stood over Mike Brown’s uncovered body for hours. Until an unmarked SUV (not a coronor’s vehicle, not an ambulance,) came to take a young man’s lifeless body and the evidence it carried, off the street.

Where his actions became incontrovertibly illegal, was the headshot after surrender. This is compounded by the failure to summon emergency medical services, to call the shooting incident in, and the refusal of outside medical aid.

Darren Wilson shot a person who had surrendered to police custody in the head, and attempted to conceal this crime by ensuring Mike Brown could not survive to give evidence of this crime by denying medical aid. The forensic evidence and timeline show this, clearly.

Anything else you want to debate about why Wilson drew and fired his weapon at all, is moot.

Darren Wilson executed a prisoner whose only proven crime was existing while black. That is murder.

Obsessed with bright lipstick right now

Obsessed with bright lipstick right now

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The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has for you.
— W. Somerset Maugham (via beckisbookshelf)
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As Marlowe, Milton, Goethe, and every other writer who has meddled with the Devil has discovered, the chief difficulty is to prevent this sympathetic character from becoming the hero of the story.
— Dorothy L. Sayers, in the foreword to The Devil To Pay (via smokeandsong)
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The story of how I got through 2014

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Waiting patiently for more pets

Waiting patiently for more pets